The Structural Building Component (SBC) industry is comprised of manufacturers
and suppliers engaged in the production of materials utilized in building construction.
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When Structural Building Components Association (SBCA) members visited their lawmakers last month in Washington, DC, the overwhelming feedback they got was that their elected officials are worn out. More than one member of Congress exclaimed, “we’ve had our foot so hard on the gas pedal over the past year and a half…we’re just exhausted.” From multiple economic stimulus bills to financing two wars to an overhaul of health care to reforms to the nation’s financial system, the current Congress has enacted a lot of significant, and contentious, legislation.

Out of the many meetings manufacturers and industry suppliers held with their elected officials during the conference, some surprising details and promising opportunities were uncovered. More importantly, relationships with powerful people were forged and seeds were sown on important issues facing the structural building components industry. The goal going forward is that Congress finds a way to adopt solutions on these issues, either this year or next. If you haven’t participated yet in the process, now is the time to get involved—the SBC industry needs your help educating lawmakers on these issues. Contact an SBCA staff person today to find out how!

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